[INVASION] King of Jungle

Information about King of Jungle

Mu Online King of Jungle

King of Jungle has invade the continent, you will be fast enough to kill them all?

Invasion Places:

  • Ferea

Invasion Time: King of Jungle 2 times a day during server time.

  • 02:55

  • 17:55

Duration of the invasion

  • King of Jungle lasts 30 minutes from then on they disappear.


  • Sealed Armor Sculpture (Packs)

  • Guardian Enhanced Stone

  • Elite Guardian Enhanced

  • Guardian Elite Opt Change Pcs (Packs)

  • Golden Sentence

  • Artifact Enchantment Stone

  • Spider Artifact Fragment

  • Earrings

  • Transformation Rings

  • Jewel of Excess

  • Jewel of Luck

  • Jewel of Science

  • Jewel of Kundun

  • Jewel of Wisdom

  • Ruud box

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