🎱[EVENT] Imperial Guardian (Varka)

Fortress of Imperial Guardian: Varka Event Map Renewal

Imperial Guardian (aka Gaion's Castle, aka Varka) is a castle filled with traps and monsters that you can enter in order to defeat various bosses.

Starting from Mu Online Season 18 Fortress of Imperial Guardian has renewal!How to enter Varka Gaion event:

  • Move to Cent NPC and teleport to Quest map

  • Click on Jerint The Assistant NPC

  • Event can be played with characters level 1,000 or higher.

  • Event map rewards are changed.

Imperial Guardian Fortress Event information


Entry materials

Entry limit

How to play Imperial Guardian Event


Random entry to 1 of 7 types of maps upon entry

Imperial Guardian entrance ticket

Allowed to enter once per day / Characters over level 1000 can enter

1. Right-click on the 'Imperial Guardian Ticket' item in the inventory to enter individually, and there will be a 10-second waiting time upon entry. 2. Out of 7 types of maps, 6 maps each consist of 3 zones and 1 map consists of 4 zones Each zone consists of a starting point, It is divided into a battle area and a warp zone where you can move to the next zone

Player will enter 1 random place out of 7 types of maps. Warp to move to the next zone is activated only when all monsters are eliminated within 10 minutes of Time Attack . (It is considered clear as soon as all monsters are eliminated.

After warping to the zone player can move to the next zone within 1 minute. After player eliminates all monsters within the Time Attack time and survive to the last zone, player will receive a reward.

Artifact Fragment, Artifact Enchant

Imperial Guardian ticket This item is required to enter the Imperial Guardian event.




Dropped by a chance from monsters of level 275 or higher


Up to 255 can be nested

Sale Price

10000 zen

Personal trading, storage, throwing

Can not be traded

Imperial Guardian Monster The monsters that appear in Varka are set as monsters with attributes. One of the five attributes of fire, water, earth, wind, and darkness is randomly determined. The attributes determined will be maintained for one week as of Thursday. Event map entry setting The entry of the Barca event map is set as follows.



level to enter

Over 1000 levels

number of entries

1 entry per day

Enter/Exit Imperial Guardian



party O

Party Leader: Exit to the location where the party member is located (* Based on the party UI, the party member at the top will exit.) Party Member: Exit to the location where the party leader is located

party X

Exit to the event map plaza

Imperial Guardian playIf player eliminates all monsters within 10 minutes of Time Attack in 3 or 4 battle areas within the map divided into starting point, combat area, and warp zone and survive to the last zone, the event map is cleared.A 'Varka Mu Helper' is provided that automatically plays the Imperial Guardian event map. When entering the Imperial Guardian event map, it can be executed by clicking the 'Home' key or the button at the top.

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