🎱[BOSS] Nixies Lake

Nixies Lake

Mu Online Nixies Lake attack the continent, you will be fast enough to kill him and take the reward?

Spawn map:

  • Nixies Lake

Spawn Times: Everyday

  • Every 6 hours after kill

Drop reward:

  • Brilliant Soul

  • Brilliant Anvil

  • Manticore Anvil

  • Soul of Apocalypse

  • Holyangel Items

  • Jewel of Excess

  • Jewel of Luck

  • Jewel of Science

  • Jewel of Kundun

  • Jewel of Wisdom

  • Expansion Scroll Radiance Slot

  • Ruud box

  • Knicks (Evolved) (Muun)

  • Tibetton (Muun)

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